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The legendary golfer and designer Jack Nicklaus crafted a masterpiece at El Dorado. Mr. Nicklaus spent many hours walking the rugged coastline, quiet desert foothills, and shaded canyons of El Dorado envisioning a course that blends with the landscape. The result is a golf course that links the coast to the desert.

Jack Nicklaus transcends his dominance as a player. Nicklaus also stands for superior golf course design, a result of more than three decades as a renowned golf course designer and his sons’ and son-in-law’s solid design reputations. Together they represent Nicklaus Design, a team of the world’s most accomplished golf course design associates, agronomists, industry consultants, and experts in golf course construction.

Tom: I Have played this course many times and will spare you the details other than to mention the outstanding conditions and that it is a great course. You can forget about playing El Dorado unless you know a member. I had a buddy on the USGA rating committee and they wouldn’t even let him play. Augusta and Pine Valley let him play no problem, but not El Dorado!!

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