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Cabo San Lucas Golf Courses

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Cabo San Lucas Golf

There is a reason that Cabo is the 14th most popular golf destination in the world. I have outlined a guide based on my son, Alex’s and my own personal golf experience. I hope this will provide you with an overview of the courses and some tips from a couple of 3 and 5 handicaps. Alex is a 3 but I still think when the money is on the line Dad will win. Dad’s dreaming!

We have listed only 6 courses and understand there are only 7 Cabo San Lucas golf courses that are available to the general public. Is there ways to play the other courses yes, but some require knowing someone or in the case of Diamante and Quivra you will need to go to a timeshare presentation and afterward you can play the course. See the review and you can decide if the allocation of time is worth it for you. If you were to ask me I would say the time is definitely worth it for Quivra but not for Diamante.

Alex in order to play:

  1. Cabo Del Sol Ocean (make sure you get the free shrimp tacos after nine),
  2. Cabo Real
  3. Cabo Del Sol Desert
  4. Palmilla
  5. Country Club
  6. Porto Los Cabos.

Tom in order to play:

  1. Cabo Del Sol Ocean
  2. Cabo Real
  3. Palmilla
  4. Cabo Del Sol Desert
  5. Country Club
  6. Campestre.

Other Golf Courses

Quivra GC – Jack Nicklaus Design

WOW is all I can say. I have been truly blessed to have played some of the best courses in the world and although this would not be in my top 30 the views you have are #1. Without question, it has the best views of any course I have ever played. It starts out and ends on the beach but plays on the side of mountains, where some of the best views ever await you. This course you can score, but the wind on the Pacific side is very strong. When that happens it is a good idea to bring a lot of extra balls with you. The only way to play Quivera if you don’t know anyone is to sit through a timeshare presentation from P B. Is it worth the time for the presentation? I have to say yes!! They also have food and drink stations that are included that are absolutely amazing. GO PLAY THERE!!

Querencia – George Fazio Design

This is a very private course, but if you have the course pro from your club in the States call for you, you might get lucky and be able to get in during the offseason. I have played this course many times, most recently just yesterday, and it is a first-class course in every way. From the course itself to the complete club facilities. There is a reason the cost to tee up your first ball is greater than $100,000. If you do go and play the course, make sure to take in to account the conditions of the greens, and plan accordingly. The best way to play a winning round is to remember that the greens run about 13 on the strip with a lot of buried dinosaurs. The course is maintained in accordance with the cost of playing and therefore is always in great shape. Lots of doglegs so let the member playing with you give you advice. FYI – shot 40-34-74. Two under on the back!!!!

Cabo Country Club – Roy Dye Design

Without question the hardest course to score on in Cabo. Close to downtown and as of today, I can recommend this course because of the improvements. The property is under new ownership and they are dumping big money into improving the Trent Jones course. This course has a good layout and very hard par threes. The course play`s long because of not getting any roll in the fairways. The course is in good shape and is enjoyable to play. Cabo CC does not have the views that some of the other courses have, but bring your A game if you want to score.

Chileno Bay

Very private and an overall great course. The course winds its way through a great setting overlooking the sea. Lots of dog legs and very fair. It is the kind, of course, you could play every day and be happy. You hit a good shot you get rewarded, hit it sideways and forget it, you are going to shoot numbers. The best way to describe a good course is when you hit every club in your bag and that is what you here. Required to take a caddie, it is difficult to describe other than it is just a great course. Alex has never played here. I can get you on here but if the price is an issue don't ask.
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